Virgin Hair Extensions

weft hair means that the hair is attached to each other for easy weaving and putting clips for clip in hair. Weft hair is the best choice for clips.. just make sure you get good hair..! indain remy is the best.!


how hair extensions work

Our Virgin hair extensions are the highest quality of hair available!

Each set of our hair extensions are obtained from a single donor and none of our extensions are mixed. When you buy any of our hair extension products no matter what length or color your getting the best quality at the best price on the internet today.

Our Product is Never Processed, Altered, or Colored, Your getting the hair in it’s natural state. We guarantee the hair you buy is 100% Virgin Human Hair. We guarantee all of our hair products to be chemical free and all natural.

Steam Curlier Texture

  • Our hair products are never permed or chemically treated.
  • Top quality hair that lasts last wash after wash.
  • We sell Double Drawn virgin hair the hair is in one direction. The hair is cut directly from the root and mid back so that each hair is the same length for a more natural and much more fuller look, it also mean not skinny ends.

Remember all online orders that are shipped in the United States get free shipping.

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