i-Tip / u-Tip Hair Extensions

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i-Tip / u-Tip Hair Extensions

3 Convenient Textures

Our pre-bonded premium virgin hair comes in thee convenience textures:

  • Virgin Malaysian (Thick, dense)
  • Indian (soft and light weight)
  • Brazilian (soft with lot of body and bounce)

It comes straight and wavy.

Product Details

Virgin hair for the use of strand by strand techniques such as i-tip (micro links and hair locs) and u-tip (fusion). Each strand brings 1gr of hair (X-L strands with plenty hair).
Microlinks hair extensions are often called microrings, and loop extensions. This method of hair extensions offers very natural results, the strands lie totally flat on the scalp, this a strand by strand method, which means the pieces are attached individually. Microlink is the only hair extensions method that doesn’t require the use of braids, heat, adhesives (glue) chemicals, sewing, or braiding methods. This technique will last up to 3-4 months. Our virgin I-tip hair is reusable, it will last multiples applications.
The Attachment itself are round colored coil that matched to the color of your hair giving your hair extensions a natural flowing appearance, which is one of the benefits of the strand by strand methods. MicroLinks are easy to attach and easy to removed, yet the coils close quite secure, our favorite coils are the locs ( tiny tubes, not rings) because they secure the a attachment very well, we offer those in our hair studio in NYC.

Each bundle bring 200 strands per pack. Which is more than enough for a full head. This is a great deal and you will be absolutely please with the quality of this hair.

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