Virgin Hair Extensions Care

Good hair isn’t everything … its the only thing!

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How to take care of your hair extensions:

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are an artificial way to make you own hair longer instantly. They can give you volume or length, and  can be either permanent or temporary. The best extensions are made out human hair preferably virgin hair which  has never been treated chemically. Hair extensions made out synthetic or artificial hair (non human) are not intended to be worn permanently since they do not tolerate heat and  can’t be washed as human hair. Hair extensions come from people that cut and donate their hair, for religious purposes or as a way to make an extra income

The most common questions people ask are:

How do hair extensions work?
What’s fusion hair extensions?
What’s microlinks hair extensions?
What are Brazilian knots hair extensions?
How long they last?

There’s several ways to install a set of hair extensions.  Basically they can be divided into two major categories or methods: sew-in or weaving hair extensions and strand by strand.

Sewing is the more traditional method, very popular among African American women. The hair is partially braided then the  extensions are sewn in on top of the braid.  An alternative method of sew-in is to attach the weft hair with a medical grade adhesive.

The strand by strand extensions are connected to strands of the person’s own hair individually, which  is why they are called strand by strand or piece by piece.  There are two main ways to do this: a hot bonding method often called fusion; so called because it fuses pieces of hair extensions to the real hair.

The other main method uses small rings or cylinders called microlinks or micro rings. Fusion uses some degree of heat to soften the protein in the tip of the stands made out keratin, which creates a solid hard bond between the real hair and the extension.

Microlinks use the same basic principle but the bond between the extension and the real hair is a small ring or tube, and  this technique does not use heat.

A third  technique that uses the strand by stand method is ”the Brazilian knot’ or Brazilian hair extensions, which is  where the attachment is  made by wrapping a thread  or rubber band around the client’s hair and the extension strands.

There is also tape-in hair extensions is similar to a weave but without the need of braids or sew-in: the pieces are attached to the scalp with a special non-allergic glue.

Finally clip-in hair extensions are a temporary method of hair extensions, where clips are sewn to the hair pieces then clipped into the client’s own hair.

Professional installation is recommended for  the permanent methods and for do-it-yourself for the temporary methods like clip-in hair extensions.

Hair extensions last between 2-4 months (6 to 8 weeks for sew-in and tape-in extensions and 8 to 12 weeks for all strand by strand method). After that the extensions need to be redone to ensure the hair does not tangle, get dreaded and get damaged.

Removal is also a very important step and must be conducted with care in order to guarantee the hair won’t get damage. Fusion uses an acetone base to dissolve the keratin protein bond and pliers to break down the  bond.

Tape-in hair extensions use a similar formula to dissolve the adhesive that attach the extensions to the hair. Microlinks, microrings and hair locs use same device used during the installation to open or crack the rings or tubes.  With the Brazilian knots, the thread is simply cut and the hair undone, and the same applies to a sew-in: after the hair is properly untangled, washed and set.

Microlinks that can be redone without the need to wash the hair, although it may  require being washed in some cases. Virgin, good quality hair is reusable: with proper care the extensions can last up to a year, so in the  long run the client will save money investing in good quality non-processed hair or Virgin hair.

Remy hair, also called cuticle hair, means all the cuticles of  the hair are aligned in the same direction. This guarantees the hair won’t tangle. Lesser quality hair is not aligned in the same direction, comes from different sources and is mixed (like swipe hair from salon floors).  The best virgin hair comes from a single donor or single pony tail.

Hair extensions have caused a big impact in the last 15 or 20 years in the world of beauty; an addition that came to stay, after all who doesn’t want to have beautiful long flowing hair in a matter of hours; hair that looks natural and lasts wash after wash? Indeed they are more popular everyday, as  celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Chelsea Houska and Snoki among others wear them in red carpet events or in their regular style routine.

What type of hair extensions do celebrities use? All of them. Celebs can be seen wearing sew-in, clip-in (for one night events) fusion, keratin and micro links.  Once the client has decided they want to wear them, certain things need to be taken in consideration such as the texture and thickness of their own hair, to properly and  perfectly match, texture and desired style.  This depends on the client’s desires, length of the extensions, length of the client’s own hair, color and life style and habits.

Peruvian, Indian and Brazilian textures suit Caucasian clients; whereas fine silky hair, Mongolian, Chinese and Cambodian will suit better thicker coarse textures. Indian and Peruvian virgin hair tends to have a slight wave while Chinese, Mongolian and Cambodian tend to be more on the straight side; however Virgin hair can be found to be naturally curly.  In both styles, to achieve the desired curl pattern, a  steaming process that uses soft water to create steam and heat which opens the cuticles and make the hair pliable, is used. This process also kills any fungus and bacteria, guaranteeing salubrious standards.

A method free of glue, heat and minimal pulling will work best for fine delicate hair.  Taking proper care on a daily basis is very important and clients should wash and condition the extensions regularly in order to prevent dryness, itchiness and dandruff. (See our ”how to take care of my hair extensions” guide article)

This is a key factor to keep your tresses in mint condition.

Virgin hair extensions’ color range between 1b or natural black to 2 or medium brown to 4 light medium brown to occasionally a color 6 or very light brown. It’s also common to see very light ends or a general ‘ sun-kissed effect’’, specially from hair that comes from women that live in tropical hot weather countries.

It’s perfectly doable  to dye two or three shades darker or lighter virgin hair, and we advise to bring the extensions to a  colorist if you not thoroughly experience in coloring hair.  Also clients should decide how long they want to keep their hair and how often can you afford to change or renew them. If a client wants long hair just for a special occasion, clip-in extensions are the best  choice, but  if on the other hand, they  are looking to keep them in on an everyday basis, then permanent hair extensions are the way to go. If you exercise often and need to wash your hair regularly, a strand by strand method such microlinks or fusion is the best approach.
The main reason why a high quality set of hair extensions, done tastefully, is relatively expensive is based on two aspects: the expertise of the beautician, and  the complexity of the methods.

Strand by strand methods, for instance, take longer to apply, last longer and require the best  quality  hair.  It is always worth it to invest in good quality hair, preferably virgin; not only  will it look better, more natural and easier to take care, the extensions  are less likely to damage the client’s own hair, since high quality hair rarely tangles if it is  taken care of properly, plus in the long run it will save the client money, since the hair  can be re-used multiple times.

How to take care of your hair extensions:

- Washing: Keep your hair clean. Hair tangles when dirt and sweat build up, wash your hair after exercise, swimming etc. Brush your hair and remove all tangles before washing it. Wash your hair going in a downward motion. Use a good quality shampoo**. Your stylist can advise you what product is best for your hair.

When lots of water is added at once to very dry hair, hair can swell up and tangle. Gradually wet the hair and brush gently before you completely wash it.  Keep you hair flat during washing, don’t wrap it up on a towel, it will create tangle and frizz.  Use warm water, NEVER  HOT WATER, it will dry out you own hair, as well the extensions. You can blow dryer, roller set the extensions or simply let dry natural, you can washed on regular basis you wash you own hair. You can finish before styling with a leave-in conditioner or a few drops of Moroccan/Argan serum.

We don’t advise grease the scalp it may loose the extensions ( specially strand by strands methods making the extensions fallen out)

**We recommend sulfate free shampoo since they are more gentle

Here a list of good hair products:

- Organix Excellent affordable line sulfate free:

- Argan oil only n’one:



-Macademia natural oil:


-Alterna ( you can buy it online.

-Pureology  ( you can buy online like or you local pharmacy


-Enjoy hair products ( and amazon ”luxury” line is very good

Everpure by l’oreal ( Duane Reade, Ride Aid, online)-

Nature Therapy conditioner for chemically treated hair by l’oreal excellent softening it can  be combined with ever pure  sulfate free shampoo.

Use Hair Serum to protect hair before you flat iron it, blow dryer or simply add shine:

Argan Oil only n’ one  is an excellent choice, buy at Sally’s or Sally’s online store,default,pd.html#reviews

Leave-in Conditioners:

Sebastian Position 9  treatment ( For all type of hair specially dry hair/chemically relaxer) available at your local beauty supply/ Wall mart, CVS. Online:

It’s A 10 ~Miracle Leave-In Spray: ( For all type of hair specially for color treated hair/damage)

Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner: ( For all type of hair specially curly/frizzy hair)

More for curly and natural hair:

Deep conditioner:  Aphogee  Intensive two minute keratin Treatment

Emergencee nexxus

Aussie 3 minute miracle,385070

Brushing/Styling use a paddle wire brush ”wig brush” brush your 2-3 times per day, starting gently from the bottom to the top, never from the top. Do not use combs, except to part hair but a wire brush. Do not use products with alcohol on it, it may dry out you hair, always protect hair with hair serum ( Argan/Moroccan) before apply heat.


Hair cut: go to a professional. Do not use regular scissors if you cut your own hair, use pro scissors; otherwise, always go to a hair professional with experience cutting hair extensions

Exercise and Swimming: Wearing  a cap when swimming or keeping your hair out of the Chlorine and salt water is the safest way to go, if hair is going to be in the water make sure to detangle the hair carefully before and after leave the water, wash the hair with clean water, apply a leaving conditioner,  stylish as usual. DO NOT TIE UP THE HAIR TANGLED OR MATTED UP, ALWAYS DETANGLE FIRST.  Before tying up,  applying a LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER. It is recommended to wear your hair up or in a ponytail when you swim or exercise

Sleeping: Never sleep on wet hair, make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to bed. It is also recommended to wrap your hair together or gently tie it up to prevent tangling.